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Property Handover Services

If you live outside the UAE, we offer a unique Snagging and Handover service that is designed to take away the hassle of the handover process from our customers.

For a minimal fee, we will carry out the Snagging on your Property and do the Handover, so you do not have to travel to Dubai to do it.  This is done with a Power of Attorney from you to us.  We will carry out Property Servicesall the legalities involved in the Handover process, including arranging for the PDC and DEWA and communicating with you on any other issues that may arise.  We will take possession of the property on your behalf and send you your completion certificate and keys to whichever country you reside it.  We can also assist with finding a suitable tenant for you if you wish to rent out your property once it is Handed over.

Snagging Services

  • We provide a detailed inspection, room-by-room snagging list, photos of the views from the main reception area, photos of the front of the property and outdoor space, parking and main facilities, including swimming pool and front reception.
  • A complete PDF report with Photographs of your property highlighting any problems will be emailed to you and to your Developer.
  • When the Developer agrees with you on which snags they will rectify, we conduct a thorough check up of the work they perform (de-snagging) to up to a year of the date when the Snagging was done.

Our Snagging and Handover Service starts from AED 2,350 for a Studio Unit and increases depending on the size of the property and whether you opt for both service or just one of them.

For a specific quotation on your Property in Dubai, please call our UK Office which deals with all Internationally based Clients on 00 44 208 849 8002 or email your enquiry to

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